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The Basics



Tips and Tricks


MacDive has a number of Settings you can use to customise how things work. Visit the Settings screen, usually found under More.


You can configure display preferences such as the units of measurement (Metric or Imperial) and how Maps are displayed.

You can also configure how times and dates are displayed. This includes a preference for 12 or 24 hour time, and whether to display totals in terms of days/hours/minutes or just hours/minutes.

The display style can be toggled between the default dark theme, or a lighter and higher contrast style. This can be useful on sunny days on the boat!


Numbering Dives

You can change how MacDive will number new dives. By default, they will be numbered Sequentially. This means each new dive has a dive number equal to the highest dive number plus one.

By Computer means it will use the next highest dive number for that particular dive computer. This is generally used when logging with multiple computers and you'd like the numbers to be consistent. For example, you dive with a backup computer and treat multiple dives as one.

By Diver will number dives based on the diver assigned to new dives (generally the active diver). Useful if you log dives for multiple divers.

Buddy Sharing

Lets you enable or disable Buddy Share.


These are convenience shortcuts to let you configure the available tanks and gases, if you don't use a Dive Computer or other source of data that automatically manages these. See Configuring Tanks and Gases for more.

Contact / Support

This section provides links for Email, Twitter and Web support.

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