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Easter Holiday Update
A new release for macOS today to push out some new device support and other improvements.
This release contains support for the Scubapro Aladin Sport Matrix, via Bluetooth. This means I've also added Bluetooth support for the Scubapro G2, to complement the existing USB support. A couple of you have asked for this so I hope this makes things more convenient. Support for the Matrix will also be coming to iOS shortly, once the latest update has been approved.

This release also adds support for the Garmin Descent Mk1 via FIT file. Drag and drop away! As the Descent has GPS, I've also incorporated a couple of the location-based features from iOS in to macOS. Namely, when you download, the GPS coordinates will be grabbed from the dive. When using a menu to select a site (either from the dives table or the location tab of the dive inspector), you may see an extra entry at the top if an exising site at the dives location was found. Also, the quick-create-site menu in the dive inspector now has GPS fields and they will be pre-populated for you with the location.

Not too many exciting features, but I've done a lot of internal work just tidying things up, a few performance improvements and bug fixes, etc. Please let me know if you run in to any issues!

The full release notes for macOS are available here.

Another update?!
Just a couple of really quick updates to add a feature people have been asking for, and tidy up some very old code.
A number of people have been asking for gear group images to be synced and viewable/editable on macOS. I finally sat down to tick that off the list, and at the same time, decided to give the various thumbnail views a lick of paint. A few people have mentioned over the years that the various thumbnail views (Gear, Critters, etc) could be difficult to read.

This new update gives them an updated design which is far more readable. At the same time the internals have been tidied up significantly. For one thing, this resolves a couple of "bugs" that have existed since around 2.0.0, in that editing the various details wouldn't trigger the thumbnails to update properly. This should all be fixed - everything should now look, work and feel nicer. As an extra, you can now right-click on any thumbnail to view the associated dives.

This update contains a couple of other minor bug fixes, but is mostly just about updating those thumbnail views. I wanted to get it released sooner rather than later, so give it a try and let me know what you think.

There's also a new release for iOS. This essentially exists just to fix a bug syncing the gear group images that I found while updating the macOS version. It includes a "Random Dive" button hidden under Stats, which I find myself using all the time just to remember some old dive somewhere or other..

The full release notes for macOS are available here.

  Updated Thumbnails

New Year Updates
Support has been added for the Scubapro G2 to macOS 2.9.1 (USB) and iOS 1.2.9 (Bluetooth), both available now as free updates.
This includes support for the optional heartrate monitor. MacDive for macOS now includes a BPM overlay on your profile graph if you used one on your dives, which you can toggle on or off, and you can view your heart rate per-sample when you inspect the dive profile.

The iOS version now has the ability to filter critters in both the main critters view and also when identifying critters. Hopefully this helps speed up tagging what you've spotted. You can also choose to sort smart logs by their saved desktop order, rather than just by their name.

The toolbar has had a little bit of love on macOS and sees some new icons and a bit of rearranging to hopefully make common operations more accessible. The gear and certification thumbnail views have also seen a large performance improvement - hooray for obscure bugs that have existed for many years and were finally tracked down.

Both new updates also contain an assortment of bug fixes to everything from UI quirks to downloading dives.

The full release notes for macOS are available here. As usual, let me know if you run in to any issues!

The one without the USB driver
MacDive 2.9.0 for macOS is available now!
This release has very few noticeable features - some minor bug fixes and UI tweaks and the like. Primarily, this version means that for the majority of devices a USB driver is no longer required. The devices page has been updated to reflect the changes. Along with that, a number of other internal improvements have been made. Ideally you simply won't notice anything, however, it is a major internal update.

The changes have been tested by a number of users, and I've tested all of the devices I have physical access to. Of course if you run in to any issues then please drop me an email! If you've given the latest beta a try then thanks very much for your help and feedback, it is much appreciated.

The full release notes are available here.

New Releases
MacDive 2.8.5 (macOS) and 1.2.7 (iOS) available now, with a new Compact view mode, support for the Suunto EON Core, and more.
There have been a couple of updates that I haven't posted news about over the last few months, I've been a little slack. Sorry about that! Today I've released another couple of updates with the usual assorted fixes, tweaks and features, and finally gotten around to posting.

One feature I've been wanting to add to the iOS app for a while is a "Compact" mode to let you fit more Tags on the screen. It's been requested by a bunch of people, and I finally decided to sit down and jam it out. I've also enabled it for both Gear and Critters, and it can be toggled independently for each so you can configure things to your preference.

One interesting (or annoying, depending on how you look at it) "feature" of MacDive has been how it handles flags. We've always wanted this to Just Work, and to have a nice consistent set of images with retina support. Of course, there are cases where a flag is missing or doesn't match how you've recorded it. As anyone who has asked will know, it's an easy update for us to include new ones. But one thing that was never supported was translating countries from your native language back to English, to try and match the bundled flags. Well, both the new macOS and iOS versions of MacDive will now handle this for you. I know of one user who went to fairly extreme lengths to make them show, and this should now work automatically. If you run in to any problems with missing flags then please let me know! And of course, it's always easy for us to add more. Drop us a line!

MacDive 2.8.5 for macOS gets support for the new Suunto EON Core. The Profile Inspector (for analysing data points on your dive profiles) has been given a bit of attention so it is easier to read (slightly bigger font, better contrast, etc).

MacDive 1.2.7 for iOS also includes support for the EON Core via Bluetooth. As well as the updates I've already mentioned for flags, the US State flags are now included. Of course there's Compact mode, and a bunch of fixes to some layout issues introduced recently.

As usual, please let us know if you run in to any problems. Safe diving!

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