MacDive 2.1.4 build 2.1.4

April 21, 2012
Please Note: MacDive is now shareware and requires a license. Updating will allow you to use the free trial until you buy a license.

Important Notice: Version 2.1.0 drops support for both OS X 10.5 (Leopard), and also PPC machines. If you are not using an Intel Mac running 10.6 or later, do not upgrade!

New Features:
Added support for the Dacor Darwin Air.
Added support for the Oceanic Atom 3.1.
Improved Dive Site selection in the dives table so you can find sites more easily.
Added ability to edit gear/tanks when multiple dives selected via Dive Inspector.
Total Bottom Time for a diver now takes previous dive time into account.
Gear gets a default purchase date, of the current date.
Enabled scroll-wheel zoom in maps.
Tanks on manually entered dives now use the dives average depth to calculate a consistent SAC rate.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed issue reading Tusa Zen Air dives in certain cases.
Fixed issue reading Mares Puck Air dives in certain cases.
Fixed issue with very long dives from a Pro Plus 2.
Fixed issue downloading from an Atom 3 in certain cases.
Fixed issue displaying gear with no type or serial in Dive Inspector.
Fixed issue where the rear certification image wouldn't save.
Fixed issue setting profile pictures.
Fixed issue syncing personal info to Dive Log when no dives are present.
Fixed a few minor memory leaks.
Fixed minor data issue when importing certain UDCF files.