MacDive 2.1.5 build 2.1.5

May 20, 2012
Please Note: MacDive is now shareware and requires a license. Updating will allow you to use the free trial until you buy a license.

Important Notice: Version 2.1.0 drops support for both OS X 10.5 (Leopard), and also PPC machines. If you are not using an Intel Mac running 10.6 or later, do not upgrade!

New Features:
Added support for the Shearwater Predator.
Added ability to manage Tags (remove unused, delete, rename, via File -> Manage Tags).
When syncing to Dive Log, certifications are now filtered by the diver that is being synced (not all divers).
General Dive Log sync improvements and bug fixes.
UDDF import improvements.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed undefined SAC rate when a tank has a duration of zero.
Fixed issues that could cause a crash on startup.
Fixed a crash when trying to sync with untitled dive logs.