MacDive 2.1.6 build 2.1.6

September 6, 2012
Please Note: MacDive is now shareware and requires a license. Updating will allow you to use the free trial until you buy a license.

Important Notice: Version 2.1.0 drops support for both OS X 10.5 (Leopard), and also PPC machines. If you are not using an Intel Mac running 10.6 or later, do not upgrade!

New Features:
Added support for the Hollis DG03.
Added support for the Oceanic OCS.
Added support for the Sherwood Wisdom 3.
Updated with Retina support.
UDDF import improvements.
General Dive Log sync improvements.
Added Buddy Management panel to maintain buddies.
Added shortcut to open data directory to advanced preferences.
Added new filters when scanning for serial ports to avoid incorrect matches/errors.
Added ability to duplicate existing dives.
Added reading of water temperature to Dacor Darwin Air.
Added shortcut keys to select next/previous dive.
Added ability to import multiple Shearwater XML files at once.
Added fullscreen support for Lion and above.
Added total bottom time statistic to each piece of gear.
Other minor updates for Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8).

Bug Fixes:
Fixed stats bar graph sorting in certain cases.
Fixed importing of Oceanic CSV files in certain cases.
Fixed issue with Aeris XR-2 dates.
Fixed issue reading the start time from the OSTC.
Fixed issue with Shearwater XML files not being read.
Fixed issue determining default tank pressure to sync in certain cases.
Fixed issue downloading from D4i/D6i/D9tx in certain cases.
Fixed issue that could cause a crash in rare circumstances due to bad profile data.
Fixed issue reading Shearwater Predator temperatures when set to Imperial.
Fixed issue where gases for a HelO2 may not be created correctly in certain cases.
Fixed issue with price when exporting gear as CSV.
Fixed issue exporting temperature in metric units when set to imperial with XML export.
Fixed an issue reading from the Aeris Manta in certain cases.