MacDive 2.1.7 build 2.1.7

September 22, 2012
Please Note: MacDive is now shareware and requires a license. Updating will allow you to use the free trial until you buy a license.

Important Notice: Version 2.1.0 drops support for both OS X 10.5 (Leopard), and also PPC machines. If you are not using an Intel Mac running 10.6 or later, do not upgrade!

New Features:
Added support for the Shearwater Petrel.
Added retina manufacturer logos.
Added ability to delete tags from the Dive Inspector.
Added ability to double click the bar graphs under statistics to view their dives.
Added ability to print Certifications.
Added support for Weight field from Suunto Dive Manager logbooks.
Minor update to downloading from an Oceanic OCS.
General Statistics redesign.
Performance optimisations.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed a crash when trying to create a new site in certain cases.
Fixed a few memory leaks.
Fixed issue reading surface interval from a VT4.
Fixed a bug changing dive date/time in certain cases.
Fixed flag poles on the maps to be anchored at the correct location.
Fixed issue printing special characters with certifications.
Fixed issue viewing dives via dives by depth bar graph in some cases.
Fixed a couple of crashes for users running Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6).
Fixed issue downloading from the Mares Icon HD.