MacDive 2.2.0 build 2.2.0

February 14, 2013
New Features:
Added support for the Aeris A300 AI.
Added support for the Mares Matrix.
Added support for the Mares Puck Pro.
Added support for the Mares Nemo Wide 2.
Added support for the Sherwood Insight (Non Metal Buttons).
Updated to support newer Aeris Elite T3's.
Added apnea mode support for the HW Frog.
Added right click on a tank in the gas graph to change the mix.
Added Emergency Contact field to Divers.
Added URL to pieces of gear (under Purchase).
Added PPO2 graph (currently only supports Shearwater devices).
Added NDT information from Shearwater Predator/Petrel.
Added temperatures to Smart Divelog criteria.
Added set point high/low.
Added deco model (along with smart log filter).
Added scrubber time before/after for tracking scrubber usage.
Added ability to duplicate gear (Right click -> Duplicate).
Added next service date to gear.
Added syncing of next/last service to Dive Log.
Added syncing of Site Description to Dive Log.
Modified formatting for Pressure/Temperature in imperial to not display decimals.
Certifications now show a description if they have no image.
Certifications in the Dive Inspector are now filtered by the selected diver.
Added sorting options to Certifications.
Rearranged a few items in the File and Edit menus.
Vastly improved XML import/export.
For new users, MacDive will now determine display units from your OS preferences.
General optimisations.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed summary page title not printing in unicode.
Fixed issue where files couldn't be saved in some cases.
Fixed issue where Notes sometimes wouldn't save.
Fixed display issue with tank capacity under Manage Tanks.
Fixed issue parsing some GPS coordinates pasted from Lightroom.
Fixed issue writing tank sizes to UDCF in some cases.
Fixed issue reading dive computers from some Divelog files.
Fixed issue reading pressure from the Hollis DG03.
Fixed some minor issues reading from Dive Log XML files.
Fixed some issues reading certain Oceanic csv files.
Fixed issue with the mini profile graphs displaying incorrectly in some cases.