MacDive 2.2.4 build 2.2.4

July 29, 2013
New Features:
CNS is now exported to XML as a decimal.
Added a "Set Point" alarm, to go along with SP high/low.
Added some new spellings for the US Virgin Islands flags.
Added a flag for East Timor/Timor-Leste.
Improved LVD 3.0 support.
Further internal improvements.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed not being able to set site images.
Fixed a couple of issues reading OSTC profiles.
Fixed downloading from the OSTC3 with certain firmware versions.
Fixed an issue reading the date from a Geo 2.
Fixed an issue where Shearwater dives could be missed in certain cases.
Fixed an issue where temperature samples would sometimes be incorrect from UDDF files.
Fixed reading DM4 backup files in some cases.