MacDive 2.2.5 build 2.2.5

September 14, 2013
New Features:
Added support for the Hollis DG02.
Added support for the Sherwood Amphos.
Added ability to print a listing of your Gear.
Added ability to right click on a selection of dives and renumber them.
Added support for reading multiple gases from the Cobalt.
When adding site images with GPS data, the location from the image will be used if the site has no existing GPS.
Sites now have a "Check image for GPS" button to scan images for GPS and update site coordinates.
Significantly improved performance of importing large DM4 databases.
DM4 import now reads Tags and Events.
Minor interface improvements to Sites.
Dive Inspector will correctly sort newly added gear in the Available Gear list.
You can now sort by Site in the dives table.
Sorting the dives table by weight sorts correctly now.
General stability improvements and bug fixes.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed issue reading temperatures from an Icon HD in certain cases.
Fixed issue where some dives could be skipped when downloading from an Icon HD Net Ready.
Fixed issue reading dates from DM4.
Fixed issue saving smart dive logs.
Fixed issue not finding dives in LVD files in some cases.
Minor display fix for the auto-updater.