MacDive 2.3.0 build 2.3.0

January 25, 2014
New Features:
Added preference to show current time instead of duration when mousing over a profile.
Added export of dive sites to KML (for Google Earth).
Improved serial port detection, particularly when using multiple devices.
Updated PDF/Print Output - separate notes page, bigger colour profile, gear thumbnails.
Printed dives now list the gases used on the dive.
Added Export Preference to include labels on the profile graph (depth, time).
Added Export Preference to use a fixed-width font for displaying notes.
Added General Preference to display durations in hours, rather than days.
Minor Print Summary improvements.
Sites Inspector UI updated, along with large internal improvements.
Sites Thumbnails now use a photo from a dive if no Site photo is available.
Gear Inspector UI updated.
The Available Gear list in the Dive Inspector now filters out gear that is on all selected dives.
Gear Group window made larger.
Added new aliases for St Vincent & The Grenadines flag.
Added more fields to the Gear CSV export.
Added optional deco model column to the dives table.
Added ability to drag images from a web browser directly to dives.
Preferences UI tidied up and shuffled around a bit.
Added 'Optimise Database' to Preferences -> Advanced to perform general maintenance.
Removed Manage Buddies, Tags and Types panels (now handled by optimise database).
Autocomplete (types, buddies, tags) now ignores values that are not associated with a dive.
Many internal Import/Download improvements (for all devices).
Improved reading certain data from Oceanic .TXT files.
General UI improvements.
Improved statistics graphs for retina displays.
MacDive is now 64 Bit.

Bug Fixes:
Further Mavericks compatibility fixes, in rare cases of unexpected data.
Default decompression model for Oceanic devices was incorrect.
Fixed issue where last table column could become very large.
Fixed issue dragging images from some web browsers to Gear, Sites, Certifications etc.
Fixed issue where changing Gear images would not always update thumbnails correctly.
Fixed issue where print preview would not initially be scaled correctly to view.
Fixed issue where the 'No Images Available' image was incorrect.
Fixed issue reading DM4 Databases in certain cases.
Fixed issue saving data when quitting before changing fields.
Fixed issue reading dives from a full Oceanic VT4.1 in certain cases.
Fixed issue downloading dives from a Cobalt in certain cases.
Fixed reading dates from Pro Plus 3.
Fixed issue where cleanup wasn't happening after exporting data to PDF.
Fixed issue where smart log panel would be in the wrong place in certain cases.
Fixed issue where 'view dives from here' on the Sites map would fail for some sites.
Fixed a couple of minor memory leaks.