MacDive 2.3.1 build 2.3.1

March 14, 2014
New Features:
Added support for the Cressi Giotto.
Added support for the Dive Rite NiTek Q.
Exporting to CSV now lists the actual gases used, rather than the overall gas type.
Tidied up Divers display and added “Last Dive”.
Added missing Liquivision sidebar icon.
Download improvements/fixes to various devices.
Images are now always stored in MacDive’s data folder, to enable copying photos between computers.
Various minor improvements/bug fixes.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed obscure bug viewing dive lists in certain cases.
Fixed autocomplete not working correctly on some Dive Inspector fields.
Fixed issue reading dates from Oceanic txt files.
Fixed rare crash loading very strange and unexpected dive profiles.
Fixed issue where certain functions requiring a license wouldn’t work after registering, until restarting.
Fixed crash reading LVD files in certain cases.
Fixed issue reading pressure from an Atom 3 in certain cases.
Fixed an issue reading from the HW OSTC3 after a logbook reset.
Fixed some data issues reading UDDF files.
Fixed to correctly identify certain Aeris Epic variants.