MacDive 2.3.2 build 2.3.2

May 7, 2014
New Features:
Added support for the Aeris A300.
Added shortest dive statistic.
Added longest dive series statistic.
Added a list view to Gear.
Added a flag for Sabah.
Added O2 % column to the dives table.
Added Tanks column to the dives table.
Added support for exporting DAN DL7 files.
Added context menu to create profile bookmarks (right click on a dive profile).
Added right-click context menu to delete profile alarms.
Improved downloading from the Atomic Aquatics Cobalt/Cobalt 2.
The list of default gear types now includes user defined types.
The order of the main sidebar sections is now remembered.
Added a preference panel to show/hide sidebar sections.
Added a new sidebar section, Tags (hidden by default).
UDDF import improvements.
NDT graph is now always scaled from zero.
Statistics bar graphs now respect short time display preference.
General stability improvements.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed reading CNS% from D6i.
Fixed currency symbol in gear purchase price.
Fixed sites thumbnail view not displaying “no image” correctly.
Fixed an issue preventing updates from very old versions.
General bug fixes.