MacDive 2.3.4 build 2.3.4

September 4, 2014
New Features:
Added support for the Beuchat Voyager 2G.
Added preference to number dives by diver, rather than computer.
Added preference to disable autocompleting buddies from Address Book.
Added XML as a supported filetype so that files can be dragged to the app icon, rather than just the window.
You can now set a Certification as your default, and it will be added to dives automatically.
LVD import improvements for Xen free dives.
Improved support for OS X Yosemite.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed a crash on 10.6 when downloading from an OSTC.
Fixed issue reading free dives from a Nemo Air.
Fixed issue reading dives from LVD with no samples.
If photos are missing, a placeholder will be used when clicking on them on a profile.