MacDive 2.3.8 build 2.3.8

August 5, 2015
Note: This version of MacDive is not compatible with OS X 10.6. If you are still running 10.6, do not update.

New Features:
Added support for the Heinrichs Weikamp OSTC cR.
Added support for the Oceanic F10/Aeris F10 v3.
Much improved support for EON Steel.
Various OSTC parsing improvements, primarily for CCR dives.
Sites that have no dives now use a different flag on the sites map view.
Add option to trim trailing surface samples from Shearwater Petrel dives.
Added some new information to XML export (format slightly modified).
Available Gases/Tanks are now sorted by name.
Added PPO2 column to the raw data table.
Improved support for future versions of OS X.
Minor performance improvements.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed an issue reading ppo2 from AV1 devices.
Fixed an issue reading profiles from an OSTC in case of bailout.
Fixed an issue setting gas duration when using OSTC bottom time.
Fixed some data issues reading from a VT4.1.
Fixed a bug where the profile graph could display incorrectly on deep dives.
Fixed incorrect statistics when displaying no dives.
Fixed some minor UI bugs.
Fixed bug downloading "Last Settings" with no last device available.
Fixed issue where some sites may not display correctly after an import.
Fixed issue exporting dive sites in some cases.
Fixed an issue duplicating dives.
Fixed some build issues.