The digital dive log for macOS and iOS

The things MacDive users wouldn't be without.
MacDive is packed to the brim with useful features that make your mac dive-logging more efficient and fun.
And just to keep it interesting, new features are being added all the time.
Tight image integration
MacDive can automatically associate your photos with dives - and place them right where you took them!
Cloud Sync
Take your dive log on the go using the built in cloud syncing with MacDive for iOS. Sync everything, including your existing Smart Logs.
All new gear management
View and track your gear, and manage it via drag and drop groups.
Map all of your dive sites
See where you've been diving - and where you haven't!

…as well as all of these features.
View your underwater photos in style, with CoverFlow.
Track the Critters you've seen or taken photos of, categorise them and even analyse their distribution so you can find them again.
DAN DL7 Compatible
Compatible with DAN's diving research, you can export DL7 data and submit it to aid in diving safety research.
Keep track of your diving certifications.
Track and analyse your diving career. MacDive has a wide range of statistics built in to help you record and improve your diving.
Powerful Smart Dive Logs
Easily build powerful (or simple!) smart dive logs to filter your dives in any way you like.

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