The digital dive log for macOS and iOS

MacDive. Now for iPhone and iPad.
What do you get if you take all of the features of MacDive for OS X and put them in to a mobile app, then add even more? The best mobile dive log.
All your dives. Always with you.
With MacDive for iOS, you can view and log your dives in style, no matter where you are.
Cloud Sync with MacDive for the Desktop.
Seamlessly sync your on-the-go changes back to MacDive for macOS.
Automatically track your location.
MacDive for iOS will record your location, so that you can automatically tag your sites with GPS.
Organise your dives by tags.
Tag your dives to keep them organised just how you like.

And of course, there's all of these features.
Import via Bluetooth or File
MacDive for iOS supports native bluetooth downloads from various devices, along with importing from common filetypes.

Devices with Smart Bluetooth like the Shearwater Perdix AI, Suunto EON Steel, and the Scubapro G2 are supported natively, and a range of other devices can be accessed via the DiveNav DC Buddy (sold separately).
Built just for iOS
MacDive supports the latest features of iOS, like 3D Touch to quickly access common actions.
Catalog and identify the critters you've encountered.
New to iOS, MacDive lets you keep track of the species you've encountered. Track the nudibranchs you've found, or the shrimp you're looking for.
Share data with your buddies.
MacDive for iPhone lets you share Critters and Dive Sites with any buddies that are also using MacDive, within local WiFi or Bluetooth range. After a day of diving, kick back and let your buddy do the data entry.
Tag your critters on your dives and in your photos.
When you've built up your critter library, tag them on your dives and in your photos. MacDive can put your dives, your sites and your photos together to give you detailed statistics like the average depth you've found a critter, maps of their distribution, and more.
Manage your certifications.
Always have your c-card with you. Track and manage your certifications.
Powerful gas management.
Manage your gases and track your breathing, iOS style.
Map your sites.
Track where you've been diving, and where you're going next.
Keep track of your gear.
Track and mange your gear. Like MacDive for OS X, with added awesome. Manage your gear in groups, just like OS X. Want to get reminders when your gear is due for a service? MacDive for iOS has you covered.