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Frequently Asked Questions


Are the macOS and iOS apps separate purchases?

Yes, they are separate purchases.

macOS Licenses

Once you purchase a license for the macOS version of MacDive, an email will be sent to you containing instructions.

Installing your license

The license email contains a link to your license. Clicking this link usually opens a blank webpage in your browser, and may look like nothing has happened. Check your Downloads folder and you should find a copy of your license has been saved.

To install, drag and drop the license from your Downloads folder on to MacDive. You'll receive a confirmation that it has been installed and you are now good to go.

Now it would pay to back up your license somewhere safe for the future - in a password manager, for example.

Which license do I need?

If you are using MacDive for yourself on your own computers, then just the Single User license. If you are sharing your license with your immediate household (partner, kids, etc) to log multiple divers, then you need the Multi User / Family license.

Where do I download the full version of MacDive?

The full version of MacDive is just the trial version with your license installed. The license simply unlocks the restrictions that are in place with the trial. So if you need to download a new copy, change computers, etc, just download the latest trial version off the website and install your license.

Backing up your license

The link you receive in the original email after completing a purchase expires after 7 days. So download your license and then back it up somewhere safe for the future, for example using a Password Manager.

I lost my license

If you have lost your license, contact with offerings of beer.

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