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Cloud Syncing

MacDive for iPhone and MacDive for macOS share powerful cloud syncing. This lets you keep your data and images up to date on multiple computers and devices.

This section contains some general information on cloud syncing. For more specific instructions see Cloud Syncing (Mac) and Cloud Syncing (iOS).

What options are there for the cloud?

You can sync to the cloud with either Dropbox or iCloud.

What if I make changes on my iPhone AND my Mac at the same time?

No problem! You can make changes anywhere you like, and they'll seamlessly merge together as the devices sync.

How do I use Cloud Sync?

It's simple.

  1. Enable Cloud Syncing on MacDive for macOS and/or iPhone.
That's it! There are some options you can configure, but that's really all there is to it.

How long does the sync take?

The first time you sync, and as you add new devices to the mix, it can take a bit of time. Once this is done, subsequent syncs are generally very fast, as they only have to sync what you've changed. If you have a lot of data then it can take a couple of minutes initially. If you sync a lot of photos, it will take time to upload/download them.

How much data you have, your devices, and the speed of your internet connection can all contribute to how long it takes. For example, if you are at a resort with limited WiFi access, it may take longer for your data and photos to sync to the cloud and be available.

Sync Error, Retry Later.

There are a number of things that can happen which will cause MacDive to abort syncing and display an error. This is generally nothing to worry about, and simply retrying the sync will cause things to finish.

For example, if a sync is part way through and you make some changes to your data, it will actually be aborted. This is to prevent things from getting confused. While an error will be displayed it's actually perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. Resyncing will carry on as usual.

Likewise, if there are issues with your internet connection the sync may fail. Again, it's usually just a case of retrying later. The sync is designed to recover from most issues. If problems persist then contact

Deleting Data

With cloud syncing comes some new considerations. For example, if you delete a dive on one computer or iOS device then this change will be propagated to the cloud. Deleting it in one place deletes it everywhere! Be careful when you choose to delete data. Cloud syncing is not a backup replacement. Make sure you take a regular manual backup of your data just in case.

Should I use Dropbox, or iCloud?

This is up to you. Originally, Dropbox was offered to allow all existing users to have Cloud Sync for free. Recently, however, Apple allowed iCloud to be used more generally. This meant we could offer it to everyone running macOS 10.11 or later. For the most part this is a personal preference. iCloud does, however, provide push notifications (this means your data will sync automatically on each device if you make changes on another), and can be a little faster. It also requires no separate user login as you are likely already logged in on your Mac or iPhone.

Can I sync to both at the same time?

You can't sync to both at the same time, though you can switch between them whenever you like. To do this on either macOS or iOS, disable syncing. On macOS you can then switch between the options using the dropdown box in Preferences, for iOS, simply re-enable syncing and you can choose which method to use.

Can I use cloud sync as a backup?

As a general rule we don't recommend this. You should take care to back up all of your personal data regularly. It can sometimes help in a pinch, but it is not a backup solution.

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