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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need MacDive for macOS to use it on iOS?


Absolutely not!

Why is it called MacDive then?

After much heated discussion we decided to keep the name, because people know it.

So.. I don't need it?

Nope. MacDive for iOS is a complete, standalone (and totally awesome) dive logging application. It can be used on its own for everything.

That said, both the macOS and iOS versions of MacDive complement each other nicely. Having access to the desktop provides you with many more supported devices, and much more powerful and productive ways to maintain your logbook.

Is there anything I miss out on if I don't have the desktop version?

Currently the only feature that is exclusive to desktop users is Smart Dive Logs. These provide a way to create complex and powerful ways to organise your data. They can only be created and managed via the Desktop version, however they are synced and usable on the iOS version.

MacDive for macOS also provides you with significantly more productive and powerful tools for editing large amounts of data, bulk-editing dives, etc. It also provides many ways to print and export your data to other formats.

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