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Cloud Sync

MacDive supports powerful Cloud Syncing via Dropbox or iCloud. You can sync with MacDive on other macOS computers or on other iPhones.

The Cloud Syncing guide covers the general details of syncing, while this page offers iOS specific information.

Enabling Sync

To enable Cloud Syncing, head to the Cloud Sync tab and toggle on Sync this device. You will then be offered the choice of syncing via iCloud or Dropbox. Make your choice and you're almost ready.

If you choose to use Dropbox, you will be prompted to log in. Follow the instructions and you're set.

Once Cloud Syncing is enabled your device will sync automatically whenever the application is opened (provided it hasn't synced for a period of time), or when data has changed if you are using iCloud. The main Sync screen will show you when the last sync took place.

Do I need to do anything else?

Nope! That's it. Enable syncing and then forget about it. Any changes you make to your data are automatically queued up and synced.

Manually initiating a sync

If you would like to manually initiate a sync then simply press the Sync Now button. MacDive will merge any changes you've made on your iOS device with any changes it finds in the cloud.


There are a few options you can toggle by clicking the Settings icon in the top right corner of the sync screen.

Sync Automatically

Disabling this option means MacDive will not automatically sync with the cloud when it opens. You can still manually sync at any time. This option can be used to "pause" syncing, letting you choose when it takes place.

With both Dropbox and iCloud, any changes detected in the cloud will be synced down to your device automatically.

Sync Photos

By default MacDive will sync all of your Photos. However, some of our collections can be quite large. If you have a lot of photos then MacDive may ask you to confirm before it syncs them.

If this option is enabled then your photos will be synced, unless they belong to a dive which has explicitly had photo syncing turned off for that dive. This allows you to choose just the dives you'd like to sync photos for. By default, every dive has photo syncing on. See Dive Profile for more information.

Note: Images of gear, critters, sites etc will always be synced. This option is specifically for Photos - that is, images you've added as photos to your dives.

Require WiFi Connection

By default MacDive will not sync when you only have a cellular data connection. You can disable this option to allow syncing over 3G/4G.

Reset Cloud

This is an advanced debug option that should only be used after contacting

Can I put my data on my phone without using the cloud?

Yes, you can. You can manually copy an existing MacDive.sqlite data file on to your iPhone via iTunes File Sharing. You can also copy images and photos over this way.

Access iTunes File Sharing as described and drag/drop your data and/or photos in to the MacDive Documents area. It is recommended you restart MacDive after doing so to ensure the data is reloaded correctly.

Note: do not do this if cloud syncing is enabled.

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