The digital dive log for macOS and iOS


The Basics



Tips and Tricks

Divers / Profile

Setting up a Diver lets you track your invididual Dives, Gear, certifications and more. MacDive even lets you create multiple divers so you can log dives for the whole family.

You can select the Profile tab from the bottom navigation bar in MacDive. It may be found under More.

Creating A Diver

If you're new to MacDive, then tapping on the Profile tab will give you a shortcut to create a new diver. If you want to add more divers (for example, for your family), you can tap the Diver Select icon in the top navigation bar. You can also remove Divers from here.

Setting The Current/Active Diver

MacDive for OS X lets you log multiple divers. However, iPhones tend to be more individual. As MacDive syncs all of your data, you can choose the Active Diver. This is the diver you will see when you navigate to the Profile screen, and is the Diver that will be logged against new dives.

The process is simple. Under Profile, tap the Diver Select icon (see above). Tap the Diver you'd like to make active. It will be selected and you will be returned to the Profile to view it.


Once you've created a diver, you will see a Certifications button at the bottom of the Profile screen. Tapping it takes you to a list of Certifications for that diver. Tapping Edit here lets you add or remove Certifications.


Viewing / Editing Certifications

Tapping on a Certification takes you to the Certification detail screen. This lets you view or edit the details of your Certifications.

Tapping on the card will flip it to show you the back. You can set the front and back images by tapping Edit and adding them.