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The Basics



Tips and Tricks

Maximising Battery

Your iOS device has a limited battery, and MacDive is a complex application. This section contains a couple of tips for reducing battery usage.

Automatic Cloud Syncing

If you have Cloud Syncing enabled then by default MacDive for iOS will check for changes regularly, ensuring you stay up to date. You can disable this by going to Settings on the Cloud Sync screen and toggling Sync Automatically.

Location Tracking

Enabling Location/Site Tracking will use your battery faster. This option is only enabled when you explicitly turn it on so it will not use battery without you being aware. A reminder notification will be sent to you after an extended period of tracking in case you've forgotten to disable it.

Buddy Sharing

By default Buddy Share is enabled. This makes your iOS device discoverable so that your buddies can send you Dive Sites and Critters when they are near you. You can disable this from Settings. In general this feature should not use a significant amount of energy, and the setting is provided primarily for Privacy reasons.

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