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From any Dive List you can access various utility functions. Tap the Settings icon in the top-right corner of any dive list, and you'll see a section called Utilities

These functions are described below.

Export to UDDF

Any set of dives - All dives, dives from a tag, dives from a piece of gear, etc - can be exported to UDDF. Select "Export these Dives to UDDF". Your dives will be processed and you will be given the option of saving them to iCloud Drive or of emailing them wherever you'd like.

This option is also available via Settings when you are viewing an individual dive profile, allowing you to export a single dive at a time as well.

Renumber Dives

This function allows you to batch renumber a list of dives. Tap "Renumber these dives" and you can choose the starting dive number. This will default to the first dive number in your selected list of dives. Change it to whatever number you'd like then hit Renumber!

Join Dives

Selecting Join Dives allows you to merge two or more dive profiles together. The second, and all subsequent, dives will be merged in to the first dive. This is useful for dives where you may have surfaced for a short interval but your dive computer recorded it as two separate dives. It allows you to merge those back in to one single dive. Select this option and you will be presented with a new list of dives. You can select as many as you would like to merge together. Select away, and tap Join when you're done.


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