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New to MacDive, catalog and identify the Critters you've encountered on your dives.


The main view is a collection of Critters that you've catalogued. You can add new ones by tapping the "+" icon in the top right corner. This will create a new Critter and take you to the detail view so you can add any details or an image.

You can also create a new critter directly from the Identify screen.

If you have tagged a Critter in one or more photos then by default MacDive will choose a random image to display for that Critter. The same goes for Categories.

Long-pressing on a Critter or Category lets you access the Choose Image menu. You can pick any Photo that is associated with one of the Critters from tagging it on a dive or in an image. If you'd like to add a custom Photo, you can tap on the Critter to edit its details. This photo will be used from then on.

Much the same as on the Dives/Tags view, you can tap the Photo icon in the bottom right of a Critter or Category to view the Photos associated with it.

As with Tags and Gear you can also toggle an alternate Compact mode via the settings.


You can swap between Critters and Categories, which let you group your Critters in to categories of your choice to help organise them.

As above, you can long-press to select an existing photo of a Critter to represent the Category.

Tapping the "+" icon while viewing Categories will add a new category.

Editing Critters/Categories

Tap on a Critter or Category to view or edit their details.

If you have tagged Critters in dives and photos then you may see some further options, such as a Distribution Map available for each Critter to show you exactly where you've seen them, or Share, to Buddy Share this data with a friend.

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