The digital dive log for macOS and iOS


The Basics


Importing and Downloading data



The Sidebar allows you to navigate around the main features of MacDive.

There are a number of sections in the Sidebar. These can be enabled or disabled by visiting Preferences > Sidebar


The Library is the main section of the Sidebar and provides navigation around MacDive. You can choose to view all of your dives, edit and manage your Gear, your Sites, and more.

Smart Filters

A number of sections in the Sidebar are managed automatically by MacDive. These are Smart Filters that provide convenient ways to filter your dives. As above, you can enable or disable these to suit. Below is a brief description of each of the sections.

As you log more dives you'll see these sections naturally grow as they keep up to date with the countries you've visited, the tags you've added, and more.

All Dives

This is the default view. It is every dive in your logbook. Clicking the various other options described below filters these dives appropriately.


The countries listed in this section are based on any Country that is associated with a site which you have logged against a dive.

Want to see all of the dives you've done in Indonesia? No problem - that's one click away.


These filters allow you to quickly see dives you've done in recent periods, such as Today, or this Week, Month or Year.


If you like to log dives for the whole family, the Divers section gives you a single-click smart filter to view dives on a per-diver basis.


For those who have been diving for a while and may have multiple computers, or those of us who like to dive with a backup, MacDive provides convenient smart filters to browse your dive by device. Any Computer it finds logged on a dive will be available here as a filter.


MacDive lets you assign arbitrary Tags to your dives as a way of organisation. This section gives you convenient smart filters to browse dives per Tag.

Dive Logs

When the default smart filters just aren't enough, you can create your own powerful custom Smart Dive Logs. You'll find them here, and once you've set them up you're a single click away.

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