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The Basics


Importing and Downloading data


Data Limitations

MacDive supports a wide variety of dive computers, from various manufacturers. They don't all contain the same information.

Note that the lists of models here are not exhaustive. If you're unsure whether you are seeing the correct information then the easiest thing to do is just drop as an email on Let us know what kind of dive computer you have and what the issue is and we can help you out.

Air Temperature

Some devices record the air temperature, but the majority do not. You may see 0°c or 32°f in these cases. The following is a list of some of those models:

  • Atomic Aquatics Cobalt
  • All Aeris Devices
  • All Oceanic Devices
  • All Tusa Devices

Pressure Data

Some Air Integrated dive computers record regular pressure samples. That is, they regularly record the amount of air you have remaining in your tank. Others, however, only record the start and end pressure. The following air integrated models fall in to this category:

  • Suunto Cobra
  • Suunto Vytec
In these cases, MacDive will show you the beginning and ending pressure, however you won't see the SAC or Pressure graphs as this information is not available.

But Suunto Dive Manager shows me this information!

In this case, what you're seeing is an interpolation of the start and end pressure. If you look at the pressure line you'll see it's linear - a straight line from start to end. MacDive does not do this, so you won't see a similar graph.

Temperature Data

As with pressure, some models store the temperature per-sample, and some do not. The following models have the overall high/low temperature available, but do not have the information per-sample:

  • Cressi Leonardo
  • Mares Nemo
  • Mares Nemo Air
  • Mares Nemo Excel
  • Mares Nemo Wide
  • Mares Puck
  • Mares Puck Air
  • Suunto Cobra
  • Suunto D3
  • Suunto Gekko
  • Suunto Mosquito
  • Suunto Stinger
  • Suunto Vyper
  • Suunto ZOOP

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