The digital dive log for macOS and iOS


The Basics


Importing and Downloading data


Importing Data From Files

Not only does MacDive support downloads from many different devices, you can also import data from a number of different logbook formats. Most can be loaded by simply dragging and dropping them on to MacDive. You can also use the Import window, described in Downloading Dives, by choosing File Formats as the Manufacturer.

The following list covers some of the supported filetypes and their common extensions.

  • Diving Log (.sql)
  • Garmin (.FIT)
  • Oceanic (.TXT)
  • Liquivision Dive Logs (.lvd)
  • MacDive XML (.xml)
  • Seabear (.csv)
  • Shearwater Desktop (.xml)
  • Suunto Dive Manager 2.x (.SDE)
  • Suunto Dive Manager 4+ (.db.bak)
  • UDCF (.udcf)
  • UDDF (.uddf)

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